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Six Steps To Being More Productive

As business owners, executives and leaders it can sometimes be a challenge just getting through the day. Our schedules are tight and it doesn’t always feel as if we are in control or doing the most productive things to accomplish our key goals for the year, month, week or even for the day. What should we do about it? How can we ensure that we are being productive and staying on track? Here are six things we can do to positively impact our productivity:

  1. Schedule meetings and events as much as possible. Impromptu meetings and fires do sometimes happen, but hopefully are not he norm. Meetings should be scheduled and there should be an agenda or at least an outline of the purpose of the meeting.
  2. Start each day with a priority list. List each of the key actions or goals that need to be accomplished that day. If it’s an ambitious list and it does not all get accomplished roll it onto the next day’s priority list.
  3. Book times to read, make and return emails. Move away from randomly checking emails and book time daily to make and return them even if it’s three times during the day (Example: Beginning or day, before/after lunch, prior to end of day).
  4. Book time to make, receive and return phone calls. Again, move away from randomly receiving and making phone calls. This may not be absolute, but have a plan and work to manage your phone and emails/internet.
  5. Key an eye on your key objectives and goals for the year. Outline actions and steps to help achieve your goals and projects.
  6. Monitor results and course correct as necessary. Keep track of outcomes. Leverage best practices and learn from mistakes or failures.

We can learn from yesterday and plan for tomorrow, but we can only actually “Do” today. For today, let’s focus on being more productive than yesterday. If you need help, I have individual and team events and activities focused on increasing productivity and performance.

If you need help with becoming more strategic in your planning and productivity, let’s talk! I’m available to help you! Schedule your time to meet with me, today! thegrowthcoachofnorthernva.com/contact 

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