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Effective Use of Time

Effective use of our time is extremely important both personally as well as professionally within our businesses. It’s important because better use of our time can improve productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, as well as overall business results. Utilizing our time effectively is a daily battle that requires good habits, great processes, and constant focus. Here are a few key tips to being more effective with your time:


  1. Focus on key priorities: Start or end each day by developing a list of key priorities for the day or next day.
  2. Constantly identify the highest and best use of your time. Don’t waste time doing things that are not relevant to your key business goals.
  3. Use processes and systems that will help you be more efficient (Calendars, Operations Systems, Project Management Systems, CRM).
  4. Schedule or limit email time, phone time and meetings. Agree to meetings if there is a clear agenda and your role or contribution to the meeting has been identified.
  5. Don’t give your time away. Stick to priorities and goals. Schedule time with colleagues, coworkers and managers as much as you can (Limit unscheduled meetings as much as possible).
  6. Don’t give up. Effective use of time is a daily battle. Some days will be better than others. Continue to fight the good fight.

If you can master better use of your time the results will be amazing. You will get more done, meet or exceed more goals, and you may find that you have less stress.    


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